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Thank you, Chair.
I thank the committee members here. We distributed copies of motions to all committee members.
What I noticed, Mr. Chair and committee colleagues, is that there were two items from the previous health committee's routine motions that had not been replicated. I think they are pretty standard, so I thought I would move both of those. Then the third one has to do with in camera meetings.
The very first one I will move is an item from the previous routine motions. It was on requests to appear before the committee. It was an order that read:
That all requests to appear before the Committee be distributed to the Committee members.
Basically, when we have a study that's going on and people are writing to the clerk and requesting to appear, it's that the clerk be authorized to distribute those requests to all committee members so that we have an idea of who is requesting to appear. That helps us when we're putting our names in, because we know who has indicated a concern.
I would move that motion, Mr. Chair.
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