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Yes, thank you.
Thank you very much, gentlemen. I come from Nova Scotia, representing Cumberland—Colchester, the northern region there. Nova Scotia remains Canada's leader in seafood exports, with over $2 billion in exports, as you probably know. That's 29% of Canada's total seafood experts. While the U.S. remains our largest market, China is our second-largest. In fact our seafood exports have increased by 36% in the last few years. However, the outbreak of the coronavirus with over 4,500 confirmed cases in China has now put the brakes on Nova Scotia's lobster sales and shipments. Just within the last few days there's been a sharp drop, which means that the price at the wharf has also dropped from around $10 a pound to around $8. Has there been any discussion yet about what if anything Canada can do, what the government can do, to deal with this problem if it continues? Is it happening to other Canadian exports to China?
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