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Lib. (NS)
Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.
Folks, this is incredible. Thank you so much for this, and thank you not just for what you've done today, but for all you've done in the last few weeks.
Dr. Tam, I've heard your name a thousand times in the last few weeks, so thank you for the transparency and the information as this evolves. I appreciate all you've done. You've talked about all of the collaboration and the engagement with PT and the FPT advisory committee and also about us contributing to the vaccine effort. The minister is constantly engaging with her provincial counterparts.
What are we doing differently from other countries, or additionally, or are we following...? I appreciate that you're a special adviser to the World Health Organization. Are we doing anything different in Canada? Not since SARS, but are we doing anything to protect our citizens that's different from what the rest of the international world is doing?
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