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That brings me to my next question. As recently as Friday, I came in internationally and landed in Toronto. As we came into the international airport and were walking through the airport, multiple planes came in at the same time. We all came to that very first point, so here's my first question.
I believe it has changed, but the reality was that the screening—so that people can actually see the documentation talking about this issue—when I came through was not very evident. I understand that it got bigger so people can see more of it. That brings me to the issue of how people come through to the computer and start to punch in numbers. We're basically touching a computer program that someone may or may not have put that droplet on.
As that goes through, there's a concern about it, and I'm hoping that you've looked at this issue and how you are going to advise on that. As it goes forward, the next step, as you mentioned, is to then go to the customs officer. I notice that the customs officers are being protected, and rightly so, with masks, facial masks that are actually protective. That's instead of the simple surgical mask that we see; as you know, the lifespan of those is very short.
The reality is, what orders are being given to those CBSA officers to identify that? As I went through there, I was scared not about this issue but just about so many people and so much confusion. Where would they go from there? How are they going to...? What authority are you giving them to make the decision on whether or not someone is sick?
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