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Okay. Thank you.
In my practice many years ago, before I became a member of Parliament, at times I had patients who would come in and ask me about SARS, etc. I know that if I were in practice today, that same thing would be happening. We want to make certain we're able to reassure Canadians that while there is an issue here, we're talking about a virus. We're talking about a virus that, as you are well aware, at this point in time appears to be of low risk but is there, and we need to take the proper steps. It is flu season, and we need to make certain we're doing the proper things that we need to do. I think that's important.
Perhaps you can just help educate Canadians on where we're at on this. The reality is that we're looking at a droplet that's being exposed. Then there is the question of exposure to that droplet, and then incubation time. Is that correct?
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