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Lib. (BC)
The order of the House under which we are now operating was to hear one briefing. I believe Ms. Sidhu's suggestion is that we extend the briefings into next week. She has proposed a number of witnesses and certainly invited the opposition to submit witnesses as well, with the understanding that the clerk will make whatever arrangements can be made to bring them together for the meeting. Is it the will of the committee to proceed in this way?
Some hon. members: Agreed.
The Chair: Okay, it shall be done.
Today before us we have Mr. Stephen Lucas, deputy minister. From the Public Health Agency of Canada we have Tina Namiesniowski, president, and Dr. Theresa Tam, chief public health officer.
Welcome, everyone.
I believe the deputy minister does not have a statement, but the Public Health Agency has a seven-minute statement.
Please proceed.
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