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While we're on the topic of routine motions, I know that at PROC in the last Parliament and at some other committees there was a motion around going in camera.
I'd like to move, based on that motion, that any motion to go in camera should be debatable and amendable, and that the committee may only meet in camera for the following purposes: (a) administrative matters of committee, (b) a draft report, and (c) briefings concerning national security; and furthermore, minutes of in camera meetings should reflect the results of all votes taken by the committee while in camera, including how each member voted when a recorded vote was requested.
As I said, this is something that was in place at PROC in the last Parliament, and I understand that some other committees adopted it. It just gives some guidance to the committee in terms of the conditions under which we would go in camera, and it would be useful, I think, to just establish those ground rules at the outset.
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