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Kim Campbell
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Right Hon. Kim Campbell
2019-07-25 12:11
Not only does the candidate meet it, but the francophones on the committee in fact spoke about his français recherché. He speaks beautiful French. I think you will find that Justice Kasirer feels that his work in the civil law and in French really defines him and his connection to Quebec. It was actually quite remarkable to see that he is a man who loves the language and loves to use it in a most refined, excellent and precise way.
That is actually the whipped cream and cherry on the top of his qualifications. He's not just profoundly bilingual and profoundly competent in both languages, but also relishes the use of both languages, particularly French. I think he speaks his preferred language of expression, French, in a way that really elevates its importance.
The notion of official languages has been a criterion that has been fundamental to all three of the processes. There were some candidates who had very fine qualities who did not pass the functional bilingualism test and, therefore, were not considered for the short list. It is a principle that has been adhered to over the last three searches quite fastidiously.
It's not just that people argue in French. I think the idea is to make it possible for judges to communicate with each other and to have that capacity to reason together in either language. That is the underlying principle behind functional bilingualism.
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