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Kim Campbell
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Right Hon. Kim Campbell
2019-07-25 12:00
I'm not actually sure whose responsibility it is. I think it might be something that could be done in partnership with a number of different groups—law societies, bar associations. That might be something your committee could look at as well, what the ideal situation is.
One thing we have, as a result of nine new appointments since 2011, including Justice Kasirer, is that there are quite a few retired Supreme Court of Canada justices lurking about who might be available to give some honest views about what it really means to serve on that court. Some of them have [Technical difficulty—Editor] 75. Others took early retirement.
I think [Technical difficulty—Editor] and I think it was in Saskatoon, that talked about this, where in fact some of the people who attended were surprised at what some of the benefits and attractions of working at that level were but hadn't really thought about them. It's not just to warn people about how hard the work is, but to talk honestly and openly about what it means to serve on Canada's highest court and perhaps to sow the seed of desire in some person to be considered for such a seat if the times align correctly.
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