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Kim Campbell
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Right Hon. Kim Campbell
2019-07-25 11:42
In the three processes we had different mixes of candidates, including different types of diversity, but we don't simply leave it at that. One issue we explore when we are interviewing candidates is to draw them out on their experience, knowledge and understanding of the diversity of Canadian life. Somebody might not be the member of a self-identified group that we think of, broadly, as diverse. What we want to know is, in their life, in their experience and in their work, how familiar they are with the challenges faced by the many communities in Canada who may be less represented in the administration of justice. That kind of cultural and diversity literacy is for us a very important part of the outlook we would like to find in candidates who would be playing such an important role on the final court of the land.
Ideally, we will have more candidates who will represent these communities themselves, but that is not sufficient. We don't just ignore it from somebody who is not from a diverse community. We really do want to know how much they understand of the realities of the lives that Canadians lead.
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