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Lib. (QC)
Good morning, everyone. Welcome to the special meeting of the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights.
We are here to study the nomination of the Honourable Nicholas Kasirer to the Supreme Court of Canada.
This is the third time we have conducted such an exercise.
We did this for Justice Rowe and Justice Martin when they were nominated.
It is a pleasure to be joined today by the Honourable David Lametti, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, and the Right Honourable Kim Campbell, our former prime minister.
Ms. Campbell is the chairperson of the Independent Advisory Board for Supreme Court of Canada Judicial Appointments.
This afternoon, colleagues, we will be joining the Senate's constitutional and legal affairs committee and parliamentarians from non-recognized parties to question the nominee. Before that, we have the opportunity this morning to hear from Minister Lametti and from former prime minister Kim Campbell about the process that led to the nomination of Judge Kasirer and to ask them questions about it.
Minister of Justice and Attorney General David Lametti, I will turn the floor over to you.
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