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Denis Berthiaume
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Denis Berthiaume
2019-07-15 16:22
First, we wanted to respond quickly by providing five years of protection. As we were unhappy with that protection period, we decided to extend it. The president announced this morning that Desjardins was committing to provide protection for life. We did not settle for a five-year protection period. We have a partnership with Equifax to provide that protection, which is important in two ways.
We are noting a strong increase in the number of Equifax enrolments, but we are not satisfied with that number. Judging from the current trend, we fear that, at the end of the day, only 20% or 25% of our members will sign up for Equifax. That still leaves people without coverage who choose not to use the alert system for their own reasons. However, we do not want to leave 75% or 80% of our members without any protection. We want to provide them with an assistance service in case something happens. That is what led to this morning's announcement. We want to go beyond the Equifax protection and provide our members with umbrella-type coverage.
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