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It's not necessarily specific to what we want to review, and it doesn't fall within the mandate of the committee. However, you'll appreciate that I still wanted to get the facts straight. Thank you.
I want to focus on regulations. We heard a bit about them from the government officials who spoke before you. Are the regulations becoming cumbersome when it comes to achieving your objectives and ensuring the security of your members' data? In your particular situation, you're subject to both Quebec and federal government regulations. Compared to traditional financial institutions and large banks, you're in a somewhat unique situation. You'll forgive me for perhaps not using the correct terminology, but I think that you understand what I mean. Can this different situation cause problems?
Simply put, would it be in our interest to ensure a better alignment between the Quebec government and the federal government requirements, so that you don't need to turn left and right to comply with two different regulatory entities?
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