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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
Mr. Cormier, Mr. Brun and Mr. Berthiaume, thank you for being here. You're welcome here. I think that you've fully understood our objective, which is to share information to restore the confidence of people who are extremely worried. You said it well. Like you, we're hearing from these people. This is all the more beneficial to us, since we've just completed a study. We've opened the door for members of the next Parliament with respect to cybersecurity in the financial sector. As such, we're particularly interested in this matter.
Since it hasn't been mentioned yet, I'd say that, as Quebec MPs, we're not here to conduct a witch hunt. Based on the number of activities that we're involved in, we can clearly see that Desjardins is a local partner in the community. We want to work together, and I think that your recommendation today reflects that. Thank you very much.
I want to touch on a few points, in the hope that you can answer some questions. I understand the constraints that you're operating under. The first thing is very simple. It seems silly, but it concerns Equifax's French services. A few people have reported difficulties with obtaining services in French. Have you worked with Equifax to ensure that your members, the vast majority of whom are French-speaking, receive service in French?
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