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Guy Cormier
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Guy Cormier
2019-07-15 16:05
Exactly. There's new internal protection. As I said, it's the first pillar. If people see an unauthorized transaction posted to their account, they must notify Desjardins. We'll then review the transaction with them and give them a full reimbursement. I must point out that there's no limit, whether the amount is $10,000 or $100,000.
Second, if they're victims of identity theft, they must contact us. We'll assist them and hold conference calls. We even offer a period of psychological support, through our life insurance companies, to people who are going through this highly emotional situation.
Third, it's the new $50,000 protection for people who must incur personal expenses to recover their identity. Desjardins will cover these expenses. This is extremely important.
I want to reiterate that people who are victims of the data breach must continue to actively register for Equifax services, since this gives them access to the alert service. The alert service could notify them of an unauthorized transaction in the following weeks or months, and this service isn't included in the Desjardins package. The Desjardins Group strongly recommends that members who are victims of the breach register for Equifax services.
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