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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
Thank you for joining us, Mr. Cormier.
We fully understand that this situation is very emotional and complicated for Desjardins. Mr. Cormier, you said that it was premature to hold a committee meeting. I want to point out to everyone again that the Conservatives requested this meeting, with the NDP's support, to see how the federal government could help Desjardins and the nearly three million affected members.
The objective isn't to investigate the situation or to find out how the data was stolen. The police are in charge of that aspect. For my part, I hope that the individual will be punished to the full extent of the law. I hope that the law is strong enough to send him to prison for a long time, but that's another matter.
We've met with officials from various departments, including the Department of Finance and the Canada Revenue Agency. These are large departments. However, it's difficult to know whether the Government of Canada can be useful in this situation.
I want to know whether you've received effective support from the government. If not, what could the government do to help you?
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