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Guy Cormier
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Guy Cormier
2019-07-15 16:00
Basically, the thought process behind the new measure announced this morning is that we're in the digital age. There will be fewer and fewer paper transactions in the coming years. This data becomes raw material for our economy. Given the importance of the data, at Desjardins, we've taken on the responsibility of offering protection to all our members.
I said that there were three pillars. The first pillar is the financial aspect that you're referring to. If Desjardins members see an unauthorized transaction in their transactions accounts, Desjardins will fully reimburse them. This answers the first part of your question on the financial transactions aspect.
In terms of other types of identity theft involving credit card transactions made elsewhere, such as cellphone purchases or car rentals, people can contact Desjardins and they'll be taken care of. Second, if they need help with recovering their identity, not from a financial perspective, but in relation to other aspects of their private lives, Desjardins will support them. If we need to call government agencies or private firms, or help them prepare notarized documents or a presentation, we'll do so. We're no longer talking about the financial aspect. We'll help the people with the other steps that they may need to take.
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