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Lib. (QC)
Identity theft is unique in that the data is active and will always remain on the market, unless the person using it dies. The data is virtually present all over the world. It can be used on the black market after 24 hours, as in cases of debit or credit card fraud.
The identity theft issue isn't about the security of the client's data at their own financial institution. I'm sure that your systems are up to date in terms of protection from external hacking and that you're fulfilling your responsibility to your clients by meeting the expectations of Quebecers and Canadians. If an issue arises in the account, you'll reimburse the criminally misappropriated money.
The identity theft issue is as follows. Let's say that a person goes to a bank tomorrow morning. The person says that his name is Guy Cormier and that he needs a mortgage to purchase a house. The mortgage would be at the other bank and not at Desjardins.
Identity theft causes damage in other areas. One example is the real estate flips in Saint-Lambert, in the South Shore, where people took out fake mortgages under fake identities. There were a baker's dozen, and that was only in Quebec. After that, it will be Canada and Europe. Identity theft has an impact, and it isn't limited to the Desjardins Group financial system.
The protection that you're offering is appreciated and necessary. However, if I may say so, the protection is limited to the client's financial situation within their institution.
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