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Annette Ryan
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Annette Ryan
2019-07-15 15:37
I think that the number of federal partners you have had as witnesses today speaks to that.
The investments in the cyber centre were part of the first line of defence in strengthening the ability to prevent cyber incidents, and they are focused, as André Boucher spoke to, on the appropriate response to a cyber event. In this case there was a specific type of cyber event, a breach by an employee, so many of those defences that have been built by the cyber centre were not triggered in this case, but the resources of the cyber centre are complemented by new resources for the RCMP. You heard the RCMP speak about the national cybercrime centre and their efforts at the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.
We also realize that a cyber event or a data event does play out on the privacy side. Therefore, measures such as the new requirements for businesses to notify customers that there has been a breach are a key part of a citizen's ability to be vigilant about their own finances and to know that important information about them has been put into play. A monitoring service like Equifax is important because it helps put that person into the mix to know when something that's being done in their name is not right.
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