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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
My thanks to you all for being here today.
Listening to you is like being in The Twelve Tasks of Asterix. Let us put ourselves in people's shoes. Their concern is that they have no real idea of what will happen. We asked to meet with you so that we could have some information on the subject. We know that the social insurance number is one measure but is there anything else that should be done in the future to change the system? Could we do as other countries have done, such as providing more digital identification, whether it is by means of fingerprints or something else?
Ms. Boisjoly, you say that there about 60 cases per year, but look, 2.9 million people had their data stolen. Are you expecting a major increase in the number of requested changes of social insurance numbers following these identity thefts?
I also have a question for you, Mr. Guénette.
The people following what is currently happening want to know what is being done. You proposed a good solution, and solutions are what people need. You mentioned people going on the Government of Canada site and opening their financial records. If I understand correctly, by opening your records, you can receive alerts or warnings.
It has now been three weeks. We are here today as the result of an emergency request. Why was there no communication with the public, immediately or within a week following the thefts, to let people know what the Government of Canada can do to help? That's what we need to know.
I am all ears, Ms. Boisjoly.
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