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Lib. (ON)
We are back on. I want to thank the officials for their flexibility and ask them to indulge the committee with further potential flexibility as we are awaiting the arrival of representatives of Desjardins.
I'm going to ask the various representatives of Canada Revenue, the Department of Finance, the Department of Employment and Social Development, and the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions for brief statements. If, in fact, the representatives of Desjardins are under some time constraints and do arrive, at the end of those statements, I'm going to suspend for a moment, ask you folks to take your seats in the back of the room, and deal with Desjardins for a period of time. After that I'll ask you to come back, and the members will have questions, if that's an acceptable way. Even if it's not an acceptable way to proceed, that's how we're going to proceed, so with that, I'll simply go in this order of Revenue Canada or Department of Finance, whoever wants to make their statement first.
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