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Thank you, Mr. Chair. I'm very pleased to be here today.
Thank you, gentlemen, for being here and giving up your time to reassure Canadians and answer our questions.
One of the cornerstones of the social contract that exists across this land is the protection of citizens, not just the protection they offer one another, but also the protection provided to them by the government. For the past three weeks, constituents in all of our ridings have been profoundly concerned. Two days after the data breach was made public, people started coming to my office. When I would knock on people's doors, that's all they would talk about. That tells me people are genuinely concerned and feel that the government has done nothing in response.
The question my constituents want you to answer, Mr. Boucher, is very simple. Can the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security indeed ensure the 2.9 million Canadians affected by this data breach are properly protected, yes or no?
Does your centre have the tools to respond to the situation and ensure the victims of identity theft are protected?
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