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André Boucher
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André Boucher
2019-07-15 14:12
Yes. I always look for opportunities to promote our website, so on our website, we talk specifically about how long and complex passwords should be. We also provide some tips. I encourage people to explore our website for themselves. It is often said that people should change their passwords regularly, but the problem with that is having to memorize a bunch of ever-changing passwords. The guideline has evolved over time. Nowadays, it is recommended that people choose at least one strong password, using certain parameters, which are available online, based on password length and/or complexity, depending on the available options. If it's possible to have a password containing up to 15 characters, people should try to choose a password that uses all 15 characters. If the password can have only eight characters, that's pretty bad, but people should at least choose a more complex password.
Constantly changing one's passwords is of minimal benefit if it means people have to write them down somewhere or use the same one for many different sites. What we want people to do is be diligent about choosing their passwords: choose something that is unique and as strong as the provider's parameters allow. People can use the same password, but if a data breach occurs, they have to act fast, changing their password and taking additional security measures. It's important to do a combination of things.
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