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André Boucher
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André Boucher
2019-07-15 14:07
I can assure you that we're quite vigorous in taking all the measures at our disposal, whether they be best practices in collaboration or measures that are enforced and in place.
The sad or unfortunate reality that we all have to compose with is that, as was pointed out earlier, when data gets lost and gets in the wild, we never get to recover it. It is not like a tangible asset that you can go and purge and bring home. It is a new reality for clients, it is a new reality for customers and it is a new reality for enterprises.
I would go back to the comment I made earlier that it just puts more fuel into the need to invest early, with early investments in having programs, in choosing our employees better, and in making sure we have a holistic approach to security to make sure we don't find ourselves trying to recover our losses.
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