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Thank you, Chair.
Thank you, witnesses, for being here.
Mr. Boucher, I was intrigued by your opening comments on the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security being the national authority on cybersecurity and leading the government's response to cybersecurity events:
As Canada's incident response team, the Cyber Centre works in close collaboration with government departments, critical infrastructure, Canadian businesses, and international partners to prepare for, respond to, mitigate, and recover from cyber incidents.
That's fantastic. It also leads to this question by me: What standards or measures do we have in place now? We consider banking in Canada to be a critical infrastructure in this country. What standards are in place at this moment to ensure that those are met? Do we have incentives? Do we have penalties? Do we have anything in the way of ensuring that we have a uniform approach across the industry to make sure that Canadians are safe? It's Canadians we are here for and are serving in that capacity. I'm curious to know if we have a mandatory baseline that everybody needs to operate at. If we don't, how come? And how can we?
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