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Mark Flynn
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Mark Flynn
2019-07-15 14:01
That is correct. It's important to point out that the only measure of success is not necessarily prosecution. In fact, in the cyber area many of those prosecutions will occur in other jurisdictions as we work collaboratively.
One of the approaches in the RCMP, and I know in some of our other police forces as well, is that we are bringing financial institutions and cybersecurity experts into our investigations. That is different from what we traditionally have done in our criminal investigative efforts. That has already borne fruit. It has already provided significant advantages. Those “partners”, as I refer to them, are able to see information that we as police officers might not know is important and we may not independently be able to identify that this could be used to provide protection for their customers. I know of at least one incident in a major investigation we've been undertaking where several financial institutions, through that collaboration, were able to identify and reduce potential harm to accounts that through that sharing were identified as compromised.
So I think the approach we are taking is providing benefits that are not solely measured by arrest and prosecutions.
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