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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
Mr. Caron has introduced an extremely worthwhile motion. I have here an excerpt from a Chilean newspaper, La Tercera. A headline in the newspaper states “Trudeau intenta defenderse en el caso que derribó su imagen en Canadá.”
I speak basic Spanish. However, I can see that, even in Chile, people are concerned that Mr. Trudeau's actions will destroy Canada's reputation. The country is at the far end of the southern hemisphere, and Canada is in the news, but not for the right reasons.
People often said that Canada was back. However, this time, the issue concerns everything that we don't want for Canada. In the SNC-Lavalin affair, the reputation of the engineering firm was at stake. Now the issue is more serious. Canada's reputation is at stake.
I support this motion because we must study the issue here in the committee to ensure that the Canadian government takes action to prevent damage to Canada's reputation.
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