Interventions in Committee
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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
Good afternoon to both of you, Mr. Jedwab and Ms. Chouinard. I am very happy that you are here.
Ms. Chouinard, I think this is the first time you have appeared before the committee. You said it was an honour and a privilege to be here. I am glad to have given you this honour and privilege, since it was my office that invited you. I have seen all your expertise over the past year.
I wanted to hear what you had to say about the administrative tribunal. You mentioned it during your presentation, but I have a few specific questions.
But first, Mr. Jedwab, I want to tell you that I really liked what you said at the end of your opening remarks on the country's fundamental proposals, namely the two founding peoples and the multicultural environment in which we live. This fundamental proposal must never be forgotten. I agree 100% with this vision of the country.
Ms. Chouinard, I detected a contradiction in your comments that may not be a contradiction. I wanted you to correct or clarify what you said. You said that, since the Charter was enshrined, there has been a liberal and generous interpretation by the Supreme Court with respect to language rights. On the other hand, you said that the Official Languages Act and the Federal Court have not yielded the expected results.
Personally, I see this as a contradiction. Can you elaborate on it, please?
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