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Bob Hamilton
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Bob Hamilton
2018-12-11 9:18
Yes, I'm happy to talk about that.
Again, I think as we look at the services that we are providing in Canada.... One of the steps we have taken in that regard is in the north, where we're doing, I'd say, three things to try to improve services there.
The first is to provide more access to CRA employees. Putting somebody in an office up there in the north, to answer questions, is something that we are doing. Hopefully, it will help provide better information to taxpayers. What this is all about, and what you'll see in all of our service activities, is trying to better explain to Canadians what is required, what their tax obligations are and how we can make it easier to comply.
We think that providing offices in the north will help in that regard, and we will make CRA people available in those offices. We will be looking to expand the community volunteer program, which goes out to try to help people fill in their taxes. That's one key element.
The second is looking at the northern residents deduction, to see if, as you say, we can uncover any systemic reasons we might be verifying the same people over and over again. We're looking at the algorithms we use that decide how we test and review certain cases. We're also trying to make sure that we better explain earlier on and have good conversations about what the obligations are under the northern residents deduction.
That's a second place where we're trying to do a better job of communicating, explaining and even looking at our process to see if we can simplify it.
A final area was looking at a regulatory change on the low-cost airfare, just to make sure that we didn't have a system in place that was too hard for people to comply with, where you had to pick the lowest airfare on a particular day to be eligible for it under the program. We're looking at ways to simplify that and advance a regulatory change to that effect.
Those are the pieces that we think will help and hopefully reduce some of complaints we get in the north. It's part of a continuing effort to improve our services.
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