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Bob Hamilton
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Bob Hamilton
2018-12-11 9:16
Yes, indeed, we did earlier this year appoint a chief service officer at the agency and it's a piece of a broader exercise we have to try to improve service at the CRA and to take an approach more centred on the Canadian taxpayer.
I think in the past we have found ourselves sometimes working in silos within the agency. One part is doing something that is not as connected as it should be to another part. We have to recognize that when we provide services to Canadians we're providing a range of services. It could be telephone calls, correspondence, the website, and we need to take an approach that looks at it from the taxpayers' perspective and that we're providing the services we need to. We did name a chief service officer in that regard, and her job is primarily to look at the way we provide service to Canadians, both digitally and by paper, but across the board, so that comprehensively we can say, yes, we're doing things that make sense for the taxpayer.
We're listening to the feedback that they get. We have different channels to get feedback, whether it's public opinion, research, complaints that come in. We make sure that we're listening to that, and then further make sure that we're taking that information and looking for ways to improve, whether it's how we respond to phone calls or the accessibility of our website. That is really what her job is going to be. If I think of it, it's integrating the activities of the agency so that we can better focus on how we can provide services to Canadians better.
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