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2011-10-20 14:17 [p.2279]
Mr. Speaker, our government is focused on what really matters to Canadians which is, creating jobs and economic growth.
Instead of working with us, the NDP caucus members have become so disunited that they are contradicting each other on important issues that are important to Canada, and particularly western Canada.
Yesterday, the NDP leader tried to argue, wrongly, that Parliament could not amend legislation that would give farmers marketing freedom.
One of her own colleagues, the member for Winnipeg Centre, said that he actually did not buy her argument.
Now, I seldom agree with him, but on this one I do. In fact, he recognized that our legislation can give farmers the freedom that they are asking for. Unfortunately, his leader does not agree with him.
This contradictory position from the NDP is just yet another worrying example of how weak and disunited the NDP is and that it is nowhere even close to being fit to govern.
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