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Mr. Speaker, I want to thank my hon. colleague from Sherwood Park—Fort Saskatchewan for how clearly he indicated all the great steps that Taiwan took when the pandemic happened and the tremendous steps they took from a scientific point of view.
They had scientists. They stepped up in many avenues, protecting the public with restrictions on coming in and out of Taiwan, and did things we did not do in this country. We have had the opportunity to learn from them, and learn not only from the scientific knowledge they brought to us, but from the steps they took in helping assist this country. For example, as my colleague mentioned, there was the donation of millions of dollars of equipment, whether it was the masks or gowns they sent to Canada to help us during our time of crisis while we were trying to get caught up on things.
It is interesting. I know the issue here is these great scientists in Taiwan, but having scientists get together and talk to each other is how we learn. Having Taiwanese scientists and medical practitioners at the WHO and the WHA to provide their expertise means we can learn from their expertise and continue to do that.
I am interested to hear from my colleague, in particular on what the Liberal government has done on issues dealing with Iran and the steps taken. It is saying that it is going to do things, yet it is not doing anything. I am wondering if the member might comment on that.
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