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2021-05-12 14:07 [p.7102]
Mr. Speaker, today, May 12, is International Nurses Day.
This year, I think it is rather obvious why we owe them such a debt of gratitude.
On behalf of the Bloc Québécois, I want to say thank you to all nurses, most of whom are women, who have put their health at risk every day of the pandemic to care for the sick.
Thank you for working unimaginably long hours on the front lines, week after week, to battle COVID-19. Thank you for saving thousands of lives. Thank you for being there, with compassion and dignity, for those who had to leave this world without the comfort of being surrounded by loved ones.
Quebec has a duty to remember the commitment, courage and compassion of nurses throughout this historic health crisis.
We owe them our respect and gratitude.
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