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2020-06-17 19:26 [p.2533]
Mr. Speaker, I will not be long.
All my colleagues had some very moving comments, and I completely agree with what they said.
In this extraordinary time, which no one could have imagined, the people who work in IT in the House of Commons have been significantly stretched and have allowed us to have standing committees at work.
All of us have been working pretty hard, but we know we could not do it, as my hon. colleague from Windsor West said, without the people in our constituency offices who work so hard. We could not do this without the House of Commons staff.
I particularly want to thank the translators, the interpretation team, the IT teams as well as protective services, all the people, the Clerk and the table officers. Everybody who supports our work here has gone above and beyond, and we will be back over the course of the summer.
For everyone, please stay safe, take no chances, stay well, stay home and God bless.
Result: 1 - 1 of 1

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