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2020-06-17 19:23 [p.2533]
Mr. Speaker, the New Democrats listened to the pages speak and then sing, and it brought us to where we need to go as our future; the future of our country.
I want to thank not only those who have made this institution function during COVID-19, but those who were involved in the lead up to that. It is important to recognize many people do a lot of extra work here, which takes them away from their families, friends and loved ones.
God bless the health care workers and front-line workers across our country for all they have done.
I come from a region where we still have issues relating to the border. We have a number of issues around immigrant workers and their safety and our own personal safety. These challenges still face us, but in these halls here, we have been well served in our democracy by the people who have made it run. I am very grateful for that.
The New Democrats want to thank very much those who have continued to make this place a hallowed ground to continue to have voices. Sometimes we do not agree, and that is okay. That is supposed to happen in an open democracy that means something. There should be dissent and discussion in a way that is meaningful for the people we represent across a wide nation, which is one of the largest of the world.
We want to very much thank those who have ensured that our voices are carried, which we will continue through July and through August.
Last, we thank the constituency assistants and the support staff who have helped us during this entire issue. The amount of information, content and volumes of emails and phone calls have been unbelievable. We are very grateful for all the people who have been reaching out to our offices. We are grateful for that contact. It is difficult to get back to everybody, but we are grateful for that connection because that truly is our democracy continuing to work.
Finally, I want to thank you, Mr. Speaker, as well as your staff and the whole group that has made this possible. Without that, we have nothing.
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