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Lib. (ON)
Madam Chair, as we know, COVID-19 has had a number of ancillary effects on people who, despite not acquiring COVID, are significantly disrupted in their daily lives. This includes, of course, young people. We know that young people with reduced access to community centres, with school closures, with limits on who they can socialize with and oftentimes with challenging situations in their own personal lives need the support that many excellent organizations provide. One of those organizations is Kids Help Phone. Because it had such a high number of calls from young people and children across the country, we provided it with an additional $7.5 million so that it can continue to meet the demand of calls.
We have to act to help children and young people in our communities. These are stressful and scary times for adults, so I can only imagine the anxiety that young people are feeling. This investment is a very important part of connecting young Canadians to the mental health supports they need.
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