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2020-05-26 19:27 [p.2482]
Mr. Speaker, I will not do it again.
As a result of systemic disadvantages, women have not had access to the help they deserve. It is necessary to be aware of the realities women face and the injustices in our society to see what I am talking about, not to mention all the victims of domestic violence who are confined to their homes.
That is why we also hope to provide funding to organizations working to meet the increased demand. The funding would have to be provided through the Canada social transfer, or CST, so that it can be administered directly by the provinces, since this falls under the jurisdiction of the provincial governments and Quebec. What is more, the provinces and Quebec are in the best position to identify these women's needs and allocate the funding more efficiently.
The gender-based analysis plus helps document these injustices, and that is why we hope it will be applied in each component of the government's response to this crisis.
In closing, I would not want to forget the cases that are falling through the cracks. For example, tourism operators in my riding could use more assistance for fixed costs, and businesses in Shefford could have benefited from a CESB that provided more incentive for students to work. That would have helped a lot of employers replace employees while they are on summer vacation or even fill positions created under the Canada summer jobs program, for example. That is a big puzzle. Unfortunately, I am also thinking about a young man with autism who does not qualify for any program and is wondering what he will be able to do this summer.
In closing, the crisis has brought to light our collective failures, but it also provides an opportunity to build back better. We need to seize this opportunity. We should be outraged about our failures, and that outrage should push us to build a decidedly greener post-COVID-19 society, using money taken from tax havens so that everyone pays their fair share, and most importantly, a society that stands in greater solidarity with seniors, women, workers, business owners, artists, farmers, the less fortunate and others.
Let's take action.
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