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Madam Speaker, had I known how long the question was going to be, I would have brought my sleeping bag. I will answer it very quickly.
It is very appropriate for the member to refer to former Prime Minister St. Laurent, since his references to the Bloc Québécois also reach quite far into the past; meanwhile, people will not get their wage subsidy cheques until sometime in the future.
I understand that the member, whom I have always known to be extremely diligent, agrees with his party's decision to dip into the cookie jar and take out a little something. If he does not agree, I hope he will say so. I am quite curious as to whether there will be a discussion within the Conservative Party regarding that decision.
I already talked about what needs to be addressed, namely seniors and small and medium-sized businesses. The very fabric of SMEs, which are the hallmark of Quebec, is threatened by the weakening of businesses that could be vulnerable to corporate takeovers by larger, often foreign, companies. A lot is at stake. We will be happy to debate it with everyone once the behind-the-scenes negotiations are done.
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