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Madam Speaker, as I said this morning, the government has found a way to get around having to seek the unanimous consent of the House. All it needs is a majority. To get one, it cozied up to the NDP. The Liberals no longer need the Bloc Québécois's vote to get their proposals adopted. In any case, we had said we would not oppose this proposal. We will see about other issues.
The hon. member raised another issue. The government says it wants to help everyone, 100% of people. I do not think any company or worker in Quebec or Canada is responsible for COVID-19. That being so, no company or worker should have to go bankrupt due to the pandemic. That is what 100% of people means. It means not leaving anyone behind, even if the pandemic continues for another six, eight or 10 months.
How many companies could be saved with the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the Liberals and Conservatives will be getting from the wage subsidy program?
How many fishers in eastern Quebec would be able to save their fisheries with some of that money?
How many stores on Ontario Street, in Hochelaga, could stay in business?
I think these are very important questions, and I hope the government will answer them.
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