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Madam Speaker, I am pretty sure my esteemed colleague from Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie knows exactly what I look like when I am mad. It is a sight to see, for sure. Anyway, we could keep talking about the Colocs, but I am more interested in what happened when the main street McDonald's opened up and the street was immediately deserted. That is what I am afraid of. I am not in a bad mood. The member can even go wash the Liberals' cars if he wants. That is fine by me. I have no problem with that.
I want to talk about other things. I want to talk about what matters to people, including the people of Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie, in all likelihood. What is going to happen to all the small local shops that will have to close while backroom deals that are not in Quebeckers' interests are being struck?
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