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Lib. (ON)
Mr. Speaker, I have more of a comment than a question.
In response to the comment that was made by the Conservative colleague across the way, suggesting that the U.S. had delivered its stimulus funding within three days, that is absolutely and factually incorrect. In fact, if the member googles it, he will find an NBC article that references that. By April 21, the first 80 million Americans waiting for stimulus funding had not received it. To suggest that somehow Americans had received stimulus funding so incredibly quickly is just factually incorrect. I would encourage him to look that up and to understand the issue before commenting on it. In fact, Canada was far beyond any other country in terms of delivering stimulus funding and the timeliness of it, especially when we use comparator countries to Canada.
I am not trying to belabour this point, but in the spirit of trying to put the right facts on the table and on the floor, we need to have a conversation as it relates to what actually happened. To suggest otherwise is just factually incorrect.
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