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Madam Chair, these are difficult days for all, and today I heard of the passing of a great Barrie resident. I will use the first valuable moments of my time to regretfully inform the House of the passing of the hon. Aileen Carroll.
Aileen started in politics as a Barrie city councillor in 1995 and rose in politics to become a federal cabinet minister in 2003. Aileen later served in the Ontario legislature.
Aileen leaves behind her husband, Kevin, of 52 years, her children Daniel and Joanna, and her grandchildren. My thoughts go out to Aileen's family at this time. Aileen will be greatly missed by all who knew her.
I would like to remind everyone of the words “parliamentary co-operation and collaboration”. We all use these buzzwords many times. In the tone of these phrases, I would like to ask the government: How can we, the opposition, help the government during this crisis and what resources does it need from us? We are all in this together.
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