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Mr. Speaker, the member's speech highlights the privilege in this place and the fact he has been a part of the process all day long, and Canadians would not even have heard that if this day had not happened. He has appreciated it too, just as we are suggesting, that to be in this place is an important part of our democracy.
That said, I was part of the human resources committee. The basic income guarantee, or whatever it is called, is a great idea in theory but there is a huge cost to it. It is not just the cost in terms of money but also in terms of all the other social aspects of it. We estimated it would cost $100 billion per year to run the program.
I am glad the member is supporting oil and gas workers too. It is great to hear the Green Party actually supporting oil and gas workers. Workers in my neck of the woods who are in oil and gas central in British Columbia will appreciate his comments.
However, the big question I have for you is how are you going to pay for a $100 billion program with such a decline in natural resource development, which your party helped cause?
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