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Mr. Speaker, I hope my friend enjoyed his tour through northern Ontario as he drove from British Columbia to Ottawa. I am glad to see that he safely did that.
I found this day quite an experience given that we had very good debate back and forth. It was point, counterpoint. We built on a number of initiatives. We talked about some of the concerns we were hearing from our constituents, and we were able to mention them directly to the government. To the government's credit, it even said it would get back to us on a number of files. I think that was very well done. Also, we have all maintained social distancing, being a safe distance apart, and all got here safely.
I think it is incumbent on us as parliamentarians to do the work that needs to be done here by asking questions of the government, having debate and ensuring that the individuals who are falling through the cracks and the businesses, a few of which I talked about, are dealt with, because it is a complex issue.
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