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Mr. Speaker, you almost moved me into the riding of the Bloc Québécois leader. I am not the member for Beloeil—Chambly, I still represent the riding of Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie.
I have a question for the government leader in the House. Our parliamentary system is based on ministerial responsibility. Parliament's role is to hold the government accountable. The current circumstances are so unique that now is our chance to be inventive, creative and innovative. We can do things differently.
We in the NDP believe that one in-person sitting per week here in Parliament would be enough. We do not necessarily have to go beyond that. We would not be setting a good example for our constituents by gathering more often and asking all parliamentary staff to put themselves at risk as well.
The NDP has tabled a proposal to hold two 90-minute virtual question periods. That way, MPs from all provinces and remote regions who are unable to travel to Ottawa could still represent their constituents and ask questions of the ministers or the Prime Minister.
I would like to hear the member's thoughts on how it might be advantageous to hold virtual or online sittings. It is 2020, and we do not have to cling to the old ways of doing things. These are exceptional circumstances, and we have a chance to do things differently and innovate.
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