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Mr. Speaker, I had no idea what my esteemed colleague's riding is called.
In answer to the question, there will always be a way to do a little more, to do a little better. There will always be room for improvement.
This situation reveals a number of things. One of the first is that those who think the government is an unnecessary nuisance and that it has no business intervening in the economy will have to think again. Without a powerful response by the governments of industrialized nations, the global economy would have collapsed by now.
The government makes decisions about how to do things. Wage subsidies were already being implemented around the world. We talked about it with the Minister of Finance, and it was implemented here. There is always room for improvement, but I think we have come up with something excellent that just needs a little tweaking.
I have seen other proposals related to the Canada emergency response benefit. I saw the NDP's proposal to make it universal. That might be a good policy someday, but I think we need to take more urgent measures in a crisis. In many cases, we have to lower our expectations and focus less on perfection so we can get a consensus that works in the short term.
For right now, this is clearly a very good solution.
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