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Madam Speaker, I heard part of what the member had to say about some of the issues and concerns in Alberta. I was involved with the hospital boards back in the Chrétien times, when the amount of money that was transferred to the provinces went from 58% to 25%. I saw the problems we were trying to solve when Ralph Klein tried to look after what was left of the health care system after the devastation that had taken place because of the Liberals. When we were in power, we made sure there was money going into it. As a matter of fact, there was a guarantee of 3% going to the provinces that would be there forever and when the Liberals came in that went below 3%.
The Liberals always talk about how the Conservatives were cutting money and how they were these great folks who were going to save medicare. It is the same sort of thing with the NDP making comments like that about the problems and issues Alberta has. If we decide to take on this pharmacare for all, it is going to hurt everybody who is looking at rare disorders and the concerns we have there. I think the member should recognize the issues that are really out there for Alberta.
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