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Mr. Speaker, I want to start by responding to the first part of what the member said.
I do not believe the demand in this country is for some form of pharmacare. That is not what the Hoskins report called for. It called for a universal, publicly delivered, accessible, portable public program. It did not call for “some form of pharmacare” or some patchwork of it.
The member mentioned talking to the provinces. The motion calls for convening talks right away to get to work on this. Obviously we are going to talk to the provinces and obviously we are going to have to build a system across the country.
My hon. friends in the Bloc are always worried about jurisdiction and the ability to opt out of programs. There are differences in Quebec. We respect those. Those kinds of talks would have to go on in order to implement a national, universal, publicly funded, accessible and portable pharmacare system, not just “some form of pharmacare”.
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