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Mr. Speaker, for the last four years the government has blown through its promise of a balanced budget. Liberals told Canadians the budget would balance itself while they threw huge parties and spent billions of dollars of taxpayer money. The party is over. The money is drying up.
The government's high taxes, wasteful spending and massive deficits have put Canada in an incredibly weak position, but now we are up against a global pandemic. Markets are tanking. Canadian energy is unable to get to market. Thousands of jobs are disappearing. Economic growth is screeching to a halt. Millions of Canadians are less than $200 away from insolvency at the end of the month.
The possibility of a made-in-Canada recession is becoming more and more real. The Prime Minister is missing in action. There is no captain at the helm of the ship. The Prime Minister has left Canada weak and vulnerable, while also leaving Canadians behind when they need strong leadership the most.
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