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ÔMadam Speaker, I have the honour to rise today to speak to the motion moved by my Conservative Party colleagues as part of the business of supply.
We know that the agenda of the House could be affected by the result of the vote that will be held this evening on whether to adopt the motion that our Conservative colleagues moved in the House on Friday, February 28.
I must commend the Conservative Party staff for their sophisticated expertise and mastery of the most subtle technical details of the parliamentary procedure that guides our work. Unfortunately, the official opposition's tactics are not always in line with the public will that was expressed on October 21 and the anticipated impacts of the general co-operation among all parties under a minority government in this House.
For the benefit of my colleagues and, more particularly, the thousands of individuals who follow our work via various platforms, I would like to read the motion exactly as it is worded in order to better frame my argument to show that this motion is irrelevant. The motion proposes, and I quote:
That an order of the House do issue for any document prepared by any department, agency and Crown corporation since November 4, 2015, discussing warnings or concerns of economic downturns, their potential impact on the fiscal framework, or advice or recommendations on how to deal with them; and that the documents be provided to the House within 45 days following the adoption of this motion.
Honestly, Madam Speaker, if you and I could have dreamed up a better fishing expedition, we would have wasted no time assembling our best gear. We could have shared some exceptionally convivial moments.
I believe a digression is not uncalled for here. Members will agree that, since Parliament resumed, the Bloc Québécois has made phenomenal strides for Quebec thanks to the hard work of our leader's team and our sincere dedication to Quebec's best interests at the federal level.
Since day one of this Parliament, the Bloc Québécois has emerged as the locomotive powering opposition to the Liberal government, no dubious pun intended in relation to the Prime Minister's disastrous leadership in recent weeks.
Virtually all of the most influential and distinguished commentators from the most prestigious media outlets in Quebec and Canada agree on the Bloc Québécois's judicious, informed positions. In fact, many have mentioned that at times the leader of the Bloc Québécois looked like the true prime minister of Canada, thanks to his level-headed and sincere approach, which reflects the approach Quebec has been taking towards first nations for decades.
That is the end of my digression, and I thank my colleagues for indulging me. Please excuse my unbridled enthusiasm, for when I speak to the role of the Bloc Québécois in Ottawa, my pride and passion overtake the normally modest character of my interventions in this august chamber.
Obviously, parliamentarians' attention must be laser-focused on the fears and reactions linked to the fragile economic indicators flashing in financial markets, rather than on blatant attempts to distract people, as our colleagues are doing in the most crass, partisan way.
Modernity brings about change among all walks of life. From this time of economic uncertainty and social upheaval will come brighter days. I believe that, and it is my sincere wish for my colleagues from western Canada.
I also urge them to study all the initiatives developed by Quebec over the past 60 years to diversify its economy and its unparalleled approaches that have prepared it to embrace the 21st century and not be left behind.
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